About Kevin Brewster

Over 20 years ago I started my first shop in Michigan. I am all too familiar with the ups and down of cash flow in the US Manufacturing Market. When my career changed to Machinery sales it was essential for me to join the Machinery Dealers National Association – MDNA. The MDNA sets the standard for Pride, Integrity, Ethics, Knowledge, and Networking. The MDNA has set the standard in Used Metalworking Machinery and Capital Equipment Marketplace since 1941. At Brewster Machinery Sales it is our goal to sell you the right piece of equipment to fit your needs. I understand that every piece of machinery that is purchased needs to produce revenue for your business. You can trust that every detail of the sales will be in writing to eliminate any confusion during the transaction. No questions will go unanswered and videos will be supplied. Once you deal with Brewster Machinery Sales you too will become a partner for life.