Manufacturing is a critical pillar of the US economy. Traditionally, the sector has been the source of solid, middle-class jobs for millions of Americans. But our manufacturing sector is facing significant threats. Between 2000 and 2010, the US lost a full one-third of its manufacturing jobs, putting 6 million Americans out of work. Not even during the Great Depression did so many manufacturing workers lose their livelihoods.

Strong forces including globalization, trade wars, automation and a lack of skilled workers are all taking a toll on our manufacturing sector. It’s never been more critical to support American industry. My entire career has been focused on helping small manufacturers succeed, and I’ve taken yet another step to support the sector by joining the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). This great organization is devoted to the success of the 12.8 million men and women who manufacture goods in America.

NAM supports the manufacturing industry in many ways – by helping members innovate and advance, providing industry intelligence, and inspiring new generations of talent. Most importantly, NAM represents the interests of manufacturing in Washington, serving as the most influential advocate and effective resource for American manufacturers.

For too long, the business of politics has been conducted at the expense of American workers. As politicians’ bicker, working Americans lose their jobs, families suffer, and the simple dreams of financial security and a better future for the next generation crumble. As an active member of NAM, I can harness my passion for supporting manufacturing by active lobbying in Washington.

In one of my first acts as a NAM member, I have signed a letter to every member of Congress that urges passage of the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement. This agreement is necessary to promote certainty and growth for American manufacturers, who rely heavily on trade with our North American partners. Canada and Mexico purchase one-fifth of the total value of US manufacturing output. Exports to these markets support millions of manufacturing jobs. This agreement is critical to spur growth and create stability in the North American market.

Through my active participation in NAM, as well as through my leadership roles with the Machinery Dealers National Association, the Council of Industry, and the Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers, I have a platform that will allow me to advocate for the interests of manufacturers. But at the business level, I am also taking new steps to contribute to the success of small manufacturers.

Brewster Machinery Sales, Inc. plays an integral role in helping customers obtain high quality machinery at a fair price. As an appraisal expert, I also help clients with equipment valuations for insurance, financing, company valuations and estate planning purposes.  Recently, I have expanded the business to offer project and program management services. With more than 30 years of experience, I’ve developed considerable expertise and a vast network of strong relationships, all of which can be brought to bear on my clients’ behalf. By offering consulting services, I can help businesses save time and money, improve return on investment, and thrive in today’s challenging environment.

My expanded focus includes manufacturing start-ups, process improvement, product development, business process management, capital project management, change management, and company relocations. There are many ways in which a company can save money – by increasing efficiency, reducing costs, or even relocating to a more tax-friendly state. For every project, clients receive financial projections including profit and loss as well as return on investment. The mission is simple – to ensure that every client successfully achieves their objectives and does so in the most cost-effective way.

I am committed to helping manufacturers in every way possible – through my business at the individual level and through active participation in industry organizations at the national level. When manufacturers succeed, we all benefit. A strong manufacturing base stimulates research, innovation, and productivity, as well as creates goods for export, making for a stronger economy. Most importantly, manufacturing provides the kind of jobs that allow ordinary Americans to succeed in their pursuit of the American dream.