Item# 15126A SCHERR-TUMICO Optical Comparator, Model: P-2500, 30″



  • Quadra-Chek 2000 two-axis geometric digital readout (0.0001″ resolution) with edge detection feature
  • Power protractor ring with illuminated mechanical scale
  • 8″ x 35″ Chrome plated power table
  • Speed adjustment rheostats that work in conjunction with toggle switches for table movements (longitudinal & vertical) and screen rotation
  • +/- 10° Helix adjustment by swinging lamphouse
  • Duplex adjustable surface illumination (tungsten halogen)
  • Tungsten halogen profile illumination
  • 50X Projection lens
  • Hood with curtain
  • 1/60/115 Volt electrics



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Screen diameter                            30″

Size of measuring table                8″ x 35″

Measuring capacity-longitudinal table travel       12″

-vertical table travel (with 10X & 20X)     9″

-vertical table travel (with 25X to 100X) 7″

Angular measuring capacity        360 degree chart rotation

Cross travel for focusing              3″

Allowable work load on table     500 Lbs.

Helix adjustment (by means of swinging lamphouse)       10°


Approximate Weight:     2,000 Lbs.

Approximate Shipping Dimensions:         42″ L-R x 84″ F-B x 75″ High


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