Item# 15321A TRENNJAEGER PROMABEAM 12″ X 39″, Model PMC12-F Longitudinal Circular Cold Saw, 36″ Blade




  • Designed for longitudinal and cross cutting of steel sections, plates and billets in straight cuts.
  • Machine capacities are: cutting height: 12″, cutting length: 39″.
  • Machine stand of solid steel construction.
  • Planed machine table of high tensile strength steel.
  • Cutting head unit adjustable dovetail guides.
  • Gear box with large helical hardened gears.
  • For segmental circular cold saw blade of 760mm (30″) and 910mm (36″) diameter.
  • Fixture for chip remover.
  • Adjustable blade stabilizer.
  • Centralized lubrication system for guide tracks of cutting head carriage.
  • Two-speed drive motor 6.1/7.5 HP, 1800/3600 RPM, with Vee-belt step pulley for 4 saw blade periphery speeds 52/104 and 72/144 ft/min.
  • Electrics upgraded to push buttons with contactors.
  • Complete hydraulic system. Hydraulic motor, 4 HP, 1500 RPM, pump, pressure gauge and thermo-magnetic motor protection switch.
  • Complete coolant system with 0.2 HP motor and pump.
  • Manual control valves for saw feed and vertical and horizontal clamping.
  • Two vertical clamping cylinders with 12″ stroke, adjustable longitudinally and one horizontal clamping cylinder with 1½” stroke adjustable laterally.
  • All hydraulic and electrical installations are easily accessible.
  • Built-in tool and electrical cabinets.
  • Machine finish – gray.
  • Powered mitre turntable.





YEAR                                  N/A

BRAND                              TRENNJAEGER

MODEL                              PMC-12F


Cut Capacity                     12″ x 39″

Vertical Clamp Stroke     15-7/8″

Saw Blade                         760mm, 800mm, 910mm

Electrics                            440/3/60


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