Item #15572A Kalamazoo Vibratory Finisher


3.3 cubic ft. U shaped tub rotates media to polish, deburr, peen all types of material.
Uses a wide variety of media such as ceramics, steel shot, plastics to achieve mirror finishes on aluminum, steel and most metals. Included coolant tank on the rear of the unit sprays a fine mist into the tub to lubricate the parts and the standard 1 hr. timer can be set for short or long runs without constant attention. The urethane lining lasts for years and can be replaced when needed at the factory.

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• 3.3 cubic ft. capacity
• Quiet operation with lid !!!
• 500 lbs capacity, compact design!
• Portable-on wheels, unload media into bucket from end of machine.
• Vibra action rotates media with water spray/coolant pump and tank.
• Easy to load and unload from tub end chute.
• Rugged construction
• Steel tub w/cast urethane lining
• Specifications:
• Cabinet: 36″ W x 27″ D x 36″ H
• Tub: 28″ L x 15″ W x 15″ H
• Motor: 1 hp, 1 phase 110 VAC ,with timer.
• Shipping weight: 680 LBS
• Model: KVF3
• Made in USA
• 500 lbs capacity

Location:  MI


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