Item #15671A MYFORD #MG12 5” x 12”cc Cylindrical Grinder


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Equipped With:
• Hand operated longitudinal table traverse and wheelhead advance/retraction
• Motorized workhead with screw-type drawbar, Myford type 3C collet, and dead center spindle (capable of live center operation with live center assembly)
• Tailstock with half center
• Table mounted dresser
• Wheelhead counterweight
• (1) Extra wheel
• Coolant system with external coolant pump and tank (10 Gallon)
• 1/4 H.P 3/60/220 volt DC workhead motor
• 2 H.P 3/60/220-440 volt grinding wheelhead motor and electrical controls
• Machine is wired for 220 volt operation
• Machine manuals
Approximate Weight (Machine Only): 1500 Lbs.

1 in stock


Maximum grinding diameter:  3″
Maximum swing over table:  5″
Capacity between centers:  12″
Maximum table traverse:  13-1/2”
Table travel per revolution of handwheel:  Fine- .7”/ Coarse- 2.04”
Table swivels either way:  7 Degrees
Grinding wheelhead travel by feed screw:  3″
Handwheel dial for infeed reads to:   .0001”
One division of the handwheel dial gives:   .0002” reduction on workpiece diameter
Fine feed knob for infeed reads to:   .000025”
One division of the fine feed knob gives:   .00005” reduction on workpiece diameter
Grinding wheelhead speeds:  2,200 & 2,500 R.P.M.
Grinding wheel size:  10” diameter x 1” wide x 5” bore
(12) Motorized workhead speeds, two ranges 75 – 780 R.P.M.
Maximum collet capacity ½”

Location:  FL


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