Item #15703A ACCURPRESS 717512 HYDRAULIC PRESS BRAKE, 175 ton x 12′


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Equipped with:
ETS 100 portable pedestal with palm buttons
Tonnage control
Drilled and Tapped holes in bed
3 T-slots front to back in bed
Full length die holder with shoulders for a 4-way die


1 in stock


Year 1993

Tonnage: 175 tons
Hyd/Mech: hydraulic
OA Length: 12 feet
BH: 124 inches
Stroke: 8 inches
CNC Control: no
Dimensions: 168″ x 55″ x 88″
Weight: 23000 pounds
Tonnage: 175 Tons
Overall length bed/ram: 12’
Distance between housings: 124”
Ram feedback type: Encoder
Ram depth stop style: Programmable
Upacting or downacting: Downacting
Ram tilt adjustment: Powered
Stroke length: 8”
Throat depth: 10”
Clamp style (American or European): American
Ram clamps (sectionalized or solid bar) Sectionalized
Hydraulic or manual clamping: Manual
Die space (open height): 14”
Die space (closed height): 6”
Number of cylinders: 2
Advance speed: 90 IPM
Pressing speed: 17 IPM
Return speed: 180 IPM
Die holder type: Standard single groove with shoulders for a 4-way die
Bed height: 34”
Bed cap width: 6”
Main motor: 20 H.P.
Currently wired: 440 volt 3 phase
Dimensions: 168” x 55” x 88”
Weight: 23,000 Lbs.


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