Item #16185A Year 2008 Calypso 10’ X 20’ LWA Waterjet Cutting System


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Year: 2008


Calypso PC Based Controller System
NC Geomate/Console Operating System
100HP 60KPSI Calypso Intensifier Pump
Dual Head with Programmable Offsetting
Mirror Cutting Capabilities
Dual 600 LB Bulk Abrasive Hopper
Updated Software

1 in stock

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Bridge Gantry X-Y Table: 10’ x 20’
Travel X axis (width): 121”
Travel Y axis (depth): 245”
Travel Z Axis (Tool): 8”
Park Area: Bridge parks completely out of the work area providing
complete clearance for loading material

Rapid Traverse: 1000”
Profiling/Contouring: 0.01 to 500”

Control Console: Industrially Hardened and Climate Controlled PC Control Features:
Nema 4 Enclosure – water and dust tight
Mk4 Waterjet Control system
PC based (Windows 10)
Requires 20 amp single phase at 230 vac (+/-10%)
External USB 4-port hub
Wifi Capable
Bluetooth Capable for Remote Operator Android App

Intensifier Pump HP: 100 HP
Operating Pressure: 60,000 PSI
Intensifier Type: “ESL”
Pump Output: 1.0 gal/min output in normal operation
Voltage: 200 amp service req’d at 208-240 vac

HP Pump
Pump Features:
Pump control fully integrated to the waterjet control system
Pressure Hi/Low/Auto
Pump diagnostics returned to console
Hydraulic Accumulator
Improves high pressure water profile, making smoother cuts
Improves life of hydraulic components by reducing pressure spikes
Pump Protection Sensor Suite:
Water Pressure low, Low Oil, High Oil Temp

Abrasive Delivery System
Supply: Dual 600 LB bulk delivery hopper to automatically maintain abrasive Flow Metering: Programmable Digital Rotary Feeder Over the Cutting Head
Flow Rate: 0.25 Lb. per min to 1.5 Lb. per min


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